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PADA personality assessment of animals team in Czech Republic

Ahoj from the Czech Republic!

Ahoj from the Czech Republic!

We are all very proud and honored to be the only PADA certified team in the Czech Republic. Our team consists of our PADA evaluators (Zuzka and Šárka) alongside our PADA leaders (Aneta and Emelia) and our PADA technician (Roman). We are located in the Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Each member of our PADA team are active volunteers with Canis Therapy Training Association Hafík (Výcvikové canisterapeutické sdružení Hafík, z. s.).

Since our certification in May 2022, not only have we conducted PADA tests, but we've also worked to disseminate the importance of the PADA test and highlighting how imperitivie it is in having the animal participant in AAI also be able to have an equal voice in the process.

Since 2023 we've required all our new volunteer AAI teams within our organization to be PADA certified as we continue to grow our organization and align ourselves with the best possible practices within the field of AAI. We are firm believers of the PADA personality assessment of animals test and are very honored to be able to be part of the PADA network.

If you are in or near the Czech Republic, please don't hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a test!🙂


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