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PADA stamp

PADA Stamp

Anyone that has tested their animal with PADA can use this stamp as evidence that the animal has undergone a personality test and that there is documentation of the result.

Breeders can demonstrate that they test their animals for breeding, that there is documentation, and that they focus on healthy temperament in their breeding.

Anyone using their animal as a working animal in various fields can show there is documentation of the animals temperament.

The stamp can be used on websites, social media accounts, pictures of the animal and in email signatures.

By using the stamp, you express your willingness to present documentation and a description of the dog's mentality.

After the test you will receive an email with the stamp from ICofA or from your Evaluator, if you don’t, do not hesitate contacting us.

PADA dog

PADA test dogs

Contact us to set up a test in your area.

PADA cat

PADA test cats

There are several options for how to test your cat. Read more to see you options.

PADA horse

PADA test horses

Contact us to set up a test in your area.

PADA farm animals

PADA test farm animals

Contact us to set up a test in your area.

PADA info pack

The PADA info pack contains all necessary information regarding the test itself (what to know, how does it work to apply, what is it for, how does the test look like, which countries apply PADA and much more). 

You can download it and help us spreading information about PADA. We are currently working on the translation of every country applying PADA, so that you can also have the info pack in your own language. 

Click on the flag of your country and download your info pack!

*At the moment only Dutch and English available

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Czech Republic

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