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Want to conduct
personality assessments of dogs?

Get your PADA Certification

If you are a dog trainer, behaviorist or veterinarian

PADA tests will be an important tool for your business and will give your clients a unique and valuable insight into their dog.

Join our team and become a PADA evaluator, leader or technician.

Help us to improve the welfare of working dogs, the family dog and

dogs competing in sports.

Minimum requirements:

International Network of experts
We stick together to learn and grow!

Get in touch with other evaluators and PADA team members.

Exchange experiences, good practices and knowlegde!

It's important to keep in touch with other PADA evaluators to consult with and to exchange ideas with.

We also provide webinars and workshops to keep you updated on the latest developments in the field and to increase you knowledge.

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PADA roles
there are three different roles

PADA technician

PADA leader

PADA evaluator


Who is PADA technician?

  • The PADA technician assists in facilitating the test. The PADA technician will also be active in explaining what the handler should do, as well as the handling of the dog. 

Who is PADA leader?

  • The PADA leader has the overall responsibility for the implementation, as well as informing the technician what and when to do the various elements. 

Who is PADA evaluator?

  • The PADA evaluator must assess the dog objectively, and fill in the final form after assessing the dog live or via video. The PADA evaluator must give thorough feedback to the handler about how the dog reacted to the various moments and how the dog is assessed. The PADA evaluator makes the final decision on whether the dog can be suitable for work as a therapy dog or other work inother types of public services.

Am I able to organize PADA in my country after online training?

  • Yes, if you can get a team of both an PADA leader and a PADA technician you can send in a video of the test and have an evaluator evaluate it. If one of you also are a PADA evaluator, you can do the evaluation yourselves. To use the PADA tool, you must be part of ICofA and by a licence of 50 Euro each time you screen a dog. 

Can I start as a technician and change my role later on? How to do it?

  • Yes, if you later fulfill the other requirements, you can change your role. If so, you can just send in a CV and certificates to verify that you fulfill the new role. 

Do I need to attend practical seminar live, or can I become evaluator only after online training?

  • You do need to have some face to face training. You can attend one of the regular practical seminars offered by ICofA, and you can even host one of your own. ICofA can come to you. If so, you just need to pay travel and accommodations, as well as a fee of 500 Euro.

info pack

PADA info pack

The PADA info pack contains all necessary information regarding the test itself (what to know, how does it work to apply, what is it for, how does the test look like, which countries apply PADA and much more). 

You can download it and help us spreading information about PADA. We are currently working on the translation of every country applying PADA, so that you can also have the info pack in your own language. 

Click on the flag of your country and download your info pack!

*At the moment only Dutch and English available

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