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We offer courses to become a certified PADA tester

-  specialized in dogs.

You can also find PADA testers near you and order a testing of your dog or your clients dog.

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Personality assessment of dogs


The PADA test is conducted by an ethologist (behavioral biologist) specialized in dogs and provides you with an objective and professional assessment of your dog's innate personality.


The test consists of several elements that depending on how the dog reacts or not reacts to certain environments, triggers or situations will tell us about the dogs personality traits: (lack of) fearfulness, sociability, responsiveness to training, (lack of) aggression, boldness, activity and more.

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When is PADA relevant?

Many behavioral traits can be subtle and difficult to detect. For all dog owners, even the more experienced, it is not easy to fully and objectivly understand the dog's behavior, and this can affect the relationship, communication, well-being of the dog, problem behavior, and the dogs' and peoples' safety.

When you know the dogs personality traits you can better understand the dogs motivations, the underlying cause of certain behaviors, what environments and situations might be challenging, where does the dog excell and how can you better adapt things in the dogs everyday life.

The many applications of PADA:

  • Screening dogs for breeding

  • More targeted training for competitive sports

  • To improve general training and obedience

  • A tool to better understand and manage problem behaviors

  • To improve the quality of life by adapting the dog's everyday life to suit its needs and wants.

  • To improve communication and strengthen the relationship by better understanding the dog

  • Assessing the dog's suitability as a therapy, search and rescue, or police dog.

  • An important tool for behaviorists and veterinarians.

  • As documentation of the dogs personality traits and temperament.

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International PADA database

All PADA results and data is stored in a international database, so we can easily compare them and prepare a scientific studies and papers.

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